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About Us

Tassyana's Story

Organizing expert and Founder, Tassyana Q. Boyd founded In Perfection By T, LLC., in 2018 due to her strong belief that having a clear and well organized space positively impacts one's mental wellbeing. Tassyana came from a chaotic background, but she found a way to instill order within her chaotic environment by organizing.


In Perfection by T will take your space from chaotic to composed. Our organizing experts create beautiful, sustainable systems based on your lifestyle. So allow us to help you put your focus back on living your life.

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What is In Perfection by T?

In Perfection by T is a luxury organizing company that specializes in organizing, downsizing, unpacking homes and offices across the Chicagoland Area. In Perfection by T creates the space you need in order to have a well organized life. Here at In Perfection by T,  we provide personalized organizational strategies so you can better function in your physical space, be more productive and have systems that will complement your lifestyle.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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